Monday, November 11, 2013

Step by Step: "Pantheon in Paris, France"

This is a painting that did a while back and recently came across the photos that I had taken as the painting progressed and thought you might enjoy seeing how it developed. Not knowing later that I would show the steps on a blog, I did not take down a lot of information on my process but did note the colors on my palette. 
Step One: I like to start with a detailed sketch. For this painting I fully developed one area completly before moving on to the next. 
Surface: Cresent Museum Board #1153 (4-Ply Rag Mat)
Colors: (At the time, I was experimenting and playing with some several new colors so there are quite a few on this palette).  
Winsor & Newton: Gold Ochre, Turners Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Light, Brown Ochre, Quin Gold, Yellow Ochre, Raw Umber, Magnesium Brown, Terre Verte. Davy's Grey, Charcoal Black, Ivory Black.
American Journey (by Cheap Joes Art Supplies): Coffee with Cream, Coastal Fog, Sag Harbor.
Step Two: To note the scale, the painting is sitting on the floor and that is a doorknob in the upper right corner.

Step Three: I used Turners Yellow to glaze a 'glow' over many areas to warm them up. The fresco painting colors that I used were Burnt Sienna, Hookers Green Dark and Winsor Red.

Step Four: Much of the architectural details were painted with a mixture of Ivory Black and Coffee with Cream.

Pantheon in Paris, France   35" x 25-1/4"   (Watercolor)

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