Friday, October 4, 2013

Portrait Workshop ~ Headwaters School of Music & Arts - Bemidji, Minnesota

My students did a fabulous job with a tough subject. Many students have studied under my talented friend, and Bemidji native, Jane Freeman for many years. They learned from one of the best and were way ahead of the game! Thank you Janie. Their strong foundation made my job much easier.

While I was teaching, the host had arranged for a PBS taping of the workshop to promote the arts at the school. I will post a link to the interview when it becomes available....unless I made a fool of myself!

 Beautiful flowers from one of my students, straight from her garden. 
Standing beside them is the host of the workshop, the incredible Janet Brademan

 Here are my wild, crazy and amazing artists and dear friends from the Artcolony.
Left to Right: Janie Freeman, me, Mary Jansen and Janet Belich.

 My first canoe ride with 'experienced canoeist', Mary. 
We enjoyed the setting sun on the lake that Janie lives on. 
Now we know why Janie paints as beautifully as she does.
Her home setting is an artist paradise.

These gals are a hoot! 
Nothing better than being able to mix business and pleasure...a joy and a blessing. 


  1. Cindy I love the pictures. It's wonderful to see. I remember this room I was in it for a workshop by Jane Freeman a while back. It's actually when I first met Jane. Thanks for sharing Cindy. xxx

  2. Oh, that is right, Christiane! That was quite a while ago. I wish you could have joined us there but maybe next time the Artcolony gets together we will finally have the chance to meet in person. xoxo

  3. Ha! What a bunch of goofballs we are! I'll go on a canoe trip with you anytime Cindy!!! (I can't believe I got you to believe I knew what I was doing! LOL!) Your blog looks fabulous my dear!

  4. WHAT????? You mean you didn't??? HA!
    Thank you for your kind words, Mary.