Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stuff Happens

I had an unfortunate thing happen. I started to receive emails from other artists, about a book that we were suppose to be in, titled Best Of Worldwide Watermedia Volume 3. Evidently, Kennedy Publishing, who's books and competitions (promoted by Dick Blick), has gone out of business and the book will not be published, without explanation. We 'proofed' our pages (see above) but the books failed to materialize. I only lost the entry fee and a few books that I purchased in advance but others have lost hundreds. They seemed to be a reputable company and I have purchased some of their lovely books in the past. Perhaps they are a victim of a struggling economy and there is no shame in that. Just wish they would have been forthcoming about it. Sadly, these things happen but no need to dwell. I do have this pretty proof and it's only money :)

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